Get Involved

The movement to save the planet from ecological devastation is growing as more and more people realize that the unsustainable practices of this society are leading towards planetary catastrophe as well as even deeper social inequality and oppression. The strength, determination, and energy on display at this year’s enormous Power Shift conference are a testament to the growing strength of this movement. Yet, in order to win social and environmental justice, we need to build a movement that is not only larger and stronger, but that tackles the root cause of human oppression and ecological destruction in this society: the profit-driven capitalist system. System Change Not Climate Change is an effort to develop and implement the kind of strategy that’s essential for the environmental movement to win its goals—a revolutionary ecosocialist strategy.

We are a growing and open coalition, open to anyone who agrees with our Points of Unity. Here are some ways you can get involved with our work:

  • Get in touch with a local group if one exists in your area
  • Host an ecosocialist meeting in your neighborhood or on your campus. Show some videos from New York conference or the “Capitalism is Killing the Planet” forum, and start a discussion about what ecosocialism means and how we might get there.
  • Get involved in local climate justice campaigns
  • Start discussions by handing out our fliers on ecosocialist politics
  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter, which includes announcements of monthly organizing conference calls open to everyone interested in building. Get in touch with an organizer via the contact form to let us know what you’re interested in doing in your area, and to get connected with the discussions that are going on inside the coalition
  • If you’ve done any ecosocialist writing, or are inclined to, please submit articles to our blog, including book reviews.